Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Completed hourglass quilt!

Over the last couple of weeks I have been focused on finishing off the hourglass quilt. Having started it without a specific plan, as it developed I realised the similarities with the It's a Hoot quilt I gave as a Christmas present. 

It's a Hoot was also made from one charm pack, and bordered with plain blue fabric. I had enough of that blue left over, that I could use it for the hourglass quilt. So, I decided to finish it up as a birthday present for MIL so the two  can go together on her sofa.

Sewing all the squares together was harder than I expected, with all those little seams and joins. But I was happy with the end result!

Once the top was done, I had trouble finding fabric for the backing, and ended up taking a risk with a plain, darker blue from John Lewis. My method is to tape the backing firmly to the floor, lay the wadding over it, stretch it out, then put down the quilt top. Then it's a case of pin, pin, pin... 

Here's a close-up in case you hadn't realised just how much pinning... ;-)

It tends to feel like you've done a Pilates class by the end, with all the crawling around the floor. I quilted it in straight lines, in the ditch, which is my usual option. 

 I'm really pleased with the darker blue backing, as somehow it works well with the different shades of blue that feature on the front. I went with the same for the binding.

Here's the final quilt:

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Primitiva Patchwork

A very good friend of mine turns forty in a few weeks, and I would like to make her something special. She is a big fan of Orla Kiely, and has some nice retro features in her living room. Many of her accent colours in that room are orange, which is tricky for me as it's not a colour I would naturally choose to work with. When we were there at Christmas, my friend commented on how much she likes the combination of orange and purple. Well, the purple side of that I can definitely go with!

I had a good hunt around online, and stumbled across this fabulous range, Primitiva by Jane Dixon. My six fat quarters arrived in the post, in all their orange and purple-ness...

The fabrics looked like a good choice, and I searched around online for some inspiration for my design. However, while I found several blogs about the fabric range, I could only find one item that anyone had made with it. I decided it needed a plain colour in the mix, and came across this in John Lewis:

I didn't have the fabrics with me at the time, but was relieved to find they match well. Or, at least, four of them do!

Where there is orange in the fabric, it seems to go nicely with the solid pumpkin colour. However, the two others just lose something...

I put them up against the only plain purple I had in the cupboard, and they seemed much better that way.

Looks like it will be a quilt of four parts Primitiva to one part Pumpkin!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Progress on the hourglass quilt

Finally there was a complete pile of little squares ready to start arranging...

It wasn't too hard to decide on the layout. By using charm pack squares, it has created two matching squares made of triangles, so I divided the whole lot into two piles first in order to avoid accidentally putting the same ones near each other. This picture is the first set:

And then the whole lot, laid out on my sewing table with some help from the ironing board for the overflow...

Now for the hard part!