Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunny Sunday...

...and a quilty finish!

Thrilled to have got this done, it's just perfect for the guest room! In addition, last weekend we had a wonderful Community Day at our church, at which a small team and I sat and sewed patchwork cushions with probably around 30 small children. It was great fun to help and inspire them into doing some sewing! Most intriguing was the fact that very few children created a design with their squares, virtually all of them went for 9 unmatching ones. However, they all looked great, and the kids were delighted.

This morning I managed to whip up some quick cards for my team of helpers, to thank them. It was so easy, I can see myself doing some more of these cards!

Hope you're having a sunny Sunday too...

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Winging it Wednesday

Owing to a slight miscommunication, I found myself with 24 hours to find or make a birthday present for a lovely 9 year old girl. Briefly I pondered whether to do a fabric journal, or resort to an even easier bag... Then I discovered a new cushion pad sitting in my sewing cupboard, quickly checked with Miss PR as to the birthday girl's favourite colour (red) and miraculously found a small amount of red scraps in my tub. I have very little red in my collection, but it was just enough for this:

I optimistically hoped to quilt the cover, and do an envelope backing... However, one lovely soft piece of denim later, and I went for a more realistic option given the time frame!

Must admit, I love the end result, and kind of wish I was keeping it... But no, it's gone already!

Meanwhile, the cat is enjoying her new quilt, has made no complaints about waiting years for it, and appears not to have noticed the lack of binding...

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Monday, 8 April 2013

Small beginnings

Well, Miss PR and I are both back from Brownie Pack holiday in one piece, just minus a few hours of sleep ;-) A huge success was being able to award twenty Brownies their Toymaker badge! They have improved their sewing skills enormously lately, and can now sew buttons on and even beads. They've each made an owl from a kit, then a snake (which they all thought would make a great airplane pillow!), two very creative finger puppets and a board or card game on a jungle theme.

In the evenings I was able to finish my book (a brilliant read -  The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry) and also whip up a few more crochet squares. They are all made from a large bag of tapestry wool I inherited, not the softest wool, but a great way to have a variety of colours without having to spend a fortune on lots of different balls of wool. I'm nearly there now, one more row of six and I will turn this into a cushion cover.

Lastly, this beautiful bundle of fabric arrived this morning! Ironically it was not intended to go together, each piece is destined for a different purpose... When I took the photo though, I couldn't help wishing I was making a quilt with them all. The far left, however, will become 112 charm squares for the Rainbow swap hosted by Cindy of Fluffy Sheep Quilting. At least I'll be getting many more gorgeous charm squares back in exchange!

Monday, 1 April 2013

The Final Countdown

Hooray, I'm so pleased to have finished my pinwheels :-) Today has mainly been about packing to go away for a few days, and insanely it seemed like a good idea at the time to spring clean as I went along, emptying cupboards and wardrobes and sorting them... It only left an hour or so for sewing tonight, but I'm on such a roll with these that it was easy to chain stitch the final fourteen:

 Here they are, the full thirty...

I've already ordered some neutral fabric for the sashing, although the jury's still out on whether I set them straight or on point. I'm thinking on point, for a bigger quilt, just not sure about all that plain space! However, it will be a while before I can get on with that stage. The only sewing in the next few days will be teaching twenty Brownies how to make sock snakes...

Yes, Miss PR and I are off on Brownie Pack Holiday, and it fell to me to design a craft activity on a jungle theme! My snake now has the addition of some pretty beads since I took this picture, and the Brownies will create theirs with a mixture of sewing and using fabric glue. At the very least, I hope they will all learn how to sew a button on, so one life skill included in the task ;-)