Thursday, 23 May 2013

Finished in time for Friday :-)

The last couple of weeks, I have been sewing like crazy! It's been really fun, and a nice sense of achievement. The bag in the last post was a slight deviation, but largely I've been trying to get a few things finished up. A while ago these:

and these:

became all of these:

and then stopped right there, until today when they turned into this:

I spent so long mulling over how to join the pinwheels, debating whether to just stitch them with no border, on point - which would have meant a lot of plain space in between each one, before finally settling on simple sashing like this. Thankfully I love it! It's great, and a relief, when it all comes together better than expected, which definitely isn't always the case.

Recently I had a huge sort-out of my scrap drawers, which at least means everything is now stored according to colour. These paintbox pieces have been a work in progress for...years... and are now finished!

I'm so happy to have completed the set. In the end I sized them all to be the same, after accepting that sashing multi-sized blocks would be tricky. Fortunately there is plenty left of the plain fabric used to sash the pinwheels :-)

Lastly, exciting post to replenish the depleted pile of fabric...I don't often buy these kinds of prints, but they were a sale bargain, and I'm sure they will be put to good use. They are really fun pieces for future bag making projects.
Have a great weekend!

Friday, 17 May 2013


...fabric scraps, some unpicking, a new needle in my sewing machine, adjusting the tension of the sewing machine, walking away from the sewing machine, wishing I had basting spray, two very late nights, and a new bag...

All thanks to Heidi, who blogged this fabulous tutorial this week! For the full details, do look at Heidi's pattern. This is how mine went...

Yes, it is a little wonky, but it was a huge learning curve, and I'm just so thrilled to have completed it! I've followed all the comments about Weekender Bags and Aeroplane Bags, and baulked at the expense and the difficulty people have mentioned. This bag was made entirely from scraps and some recently acquired fabric thanks to Jennifer's giveaway ;-) I've definitely picked up some new techniques to give me the confidence to tackle a larger bag at a later date.

And, of course, some out-takes...

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

We have a winner :-)

Ridiculously, thinking about the giveaway was keeping me awake at night... Not from anxiety (thankfully) but from creative overload... Being a small blog, I know pretty much all of the entrants, either through blogland, or the real life pals who hopped over from facebook for a chance to win. So, I could imagine each of you, and your personal tastes, and had little creative plans forming in my mind! Too much!! So, nothing for it, but to get on with it... Managed to track down the Random Number Generator used so often in giveaways, and even managed to get it to work: it chose number 1 which is Mavi from Spain! Although I know number one comes up - it worked for me once - I did wonder if I'd done it wrong, but no, Mavi it is :-) Want to know what I've made? I got on with it straight away! Mavi - if you want a surprise, look away now...

A while back, I blogged pictures of these Granny Squares, and Mavi commented that she loved the fabric...

Although I actually bought the fabric in America, it is very English looking, and I love the combination of the classical roses with a more modern polka dot. The Granny Square quilt is now complete, and is a present for a special birthday coming up soon... Do you want a sneaky look?

Sorry - bad lighting in Britain right now, the weather still thinks it's winter...

Love how the binding brings it together, I had just enough of that fabric left...

Do hope the recipient likes it, I think she will.

Anyway, back to Mavi. The square scraps leftover from the quilt went into this cushion for a small person:

But that still left plenty more :-) I toyed between a cushion and a bag, and landed on this...

Mavi, if you've read this far, I do hope you like your drawstring bag. I initially used this pattern, which I've used many times now. However, I did adapt it, making the bag a little bigger, and therefore quilting it with a light interlining for extra support. I also added in the bottom panel, for an extra detail, but it was sheer fluke that the mitering of the corners matched the base perfectly ;-) The tabs on the pull strings were the last tiny pieces of that fabric, but I wanted to use several from the range. So, there we go! Mavi, please email me with your postal address, and I can get a good night's sleep...

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Random acts of kindness and fixing

First the best bit: I won a giveaway! And not just any giveaway, this was from Jennifer at Glinda Quilts, who generously offered to make me one of her fabulous Pants Bags in the colour of my choice :-) I opted for purple, and she was super fast at getting it in the post.

Each side is different...

 And it scrunches up beautifully with the drawstring...

It's much too nice to use for laundry, and is currently hanging on the door to my sewing room, where it makes me smile when I see it! In addition though, being so excited about the bag, I had completely forgotten that the prize also included a fab bundle of fabric :-)

A wonderful addition to my modest fabric collection! Speaking of which, this afternoon I had a complete sort out of all my scraps, which are now colour coded neatly, ready for the challenge of making something to give away...

Ok, well there's a bit more to be done before I can see my sewing table! I've really enjoyed seeing the colour combinations people suggested in my last post, and if you haven't entered my 100th blog post giveaway, there's still time to do so here. I will pick a winner in the next week.

The end of last week was all about fixing things... first the car, when a mystery light came on. Then the brand new school shoes which the dog ate... thankfully the cobbler made a new leather strap and saved the day! Then of course, I made the cushion above, which doesn't match the sofa throw... another problem easily fixed by making a new quilt for the sofa ;-)

It's a work in progress, and may take a while. Technically Miss PR has banned me from any 'new' quilts until I've finished Insanity, which I started... let's say five years' ago.

I was so proud of Miss PR this week: they have been doing a big art project at school, using all the banners that were around town during the Olympics. An artist came in to school to work with them, showing how to recycle materials and create something new. Miss PR came home with her school bag full of scraps, very pleased with herself. I was a little concerned whether she was meant to take them, and questioned her about it. 'Oh, no, mummy, these were all in the bin! Can you believe it? People were just throwing these away, and I can make something out of them!'... That's my girl!!

Finally, a gratuitous photo of the puppy, who, despite eating the school shoes, still manages to look very cute! The woods are just full of bluebells, we had a glorious walk yesterday.
Have a great week!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

One hundred :-)

Yep, one hundredth blog post! How about some pillow talk before we get to the giveaway? May is a busy month of birthdays here, resulting in numerous cushions and fabric notebooks to be gifted to friends. Tonight, though, has been pure fabric therapy, just for the love of it...

I saw this pattern a while ago on the fabulous Cluck Cluck Sew blog. Alison has wonderful ideas, is extremely generous with what she shares freely, and has a great looking book coming out soon!

 Her pattern was so easy to follow, and I managed it from start to finish in one evening...

I went with fabrics that I like, but fully expecting it not to turn out so well... Really wish I'd used purples now so it could join my other favourites on the sofa! Best of all, I finally used up my entire stash of wadding offcuts by chopping them all into roughly one inch squares and using them as stuffing. While this one stays at home, these others have been given away recently -

All to good homes! It's easy to give to good friends, and nice when something creative makes them happy. Since this is my hundredth post, which is a significant milestone for a blog started on the spur of the moment, let's do a giveaway here. The item is likely to be a cushion, a bag - 

Or a fabric journal - 

But I will wait and surprise the winner with exactly what! I'd really like it to be something nice for the winner, so the only question you need to answer is: What's your favourite colour? After entering the Fluffy Sheep Rainbow Charm Swap recently, I am anticipating a delivery soon of charm squares designed to suit all tastes, which should enable me to whip something up! Go ahead and enter - yes, even you lurkers! - and I'll pick a winner in a couple of weeks. As a bonus, anyone who follows the blog will be given an extra chance - I'll automatically include those who follow on Bloglovin, but if you follow differently and want a second chance, please comment twice.
Thank you to everyone who makes blogging great fun and full of crafty inspiration!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Thoughtful Thursday...

Yep, more thinking than sewing going on here today! However, it is also a gloriously sunny day, so a fair bit of hanging out washing too... Along with an energetic Zumba class and a dog walk, I haven't been entirely lazy ;-) The thinking though...this is the bit that may interest you! If Google can add up correctly, then it's telling me that this is my 99th post, which is remarkable for a blog that began as a knee-jerk reaction to a comment on another blog!

So, here we are, well over a year later (proud to be a slow blogger!) and having 'met' many wonderful people along the way. There are hundreds of amazing blogs which have inspired and encouraged me over the last few years, and I'm hugely fortunate to have won two giveaways recently! So...

...just suggesting, with the 100th post coming up, there may be something in the pipeline! One day I'll figure out the members button, in the meantime, if you haven't already 'followed' through Bloglovin' then please think about doing so!

In the meantime, birthdays are coming thick and fast around here, so definitely time to get back to the sewing machine :-)