Sunday, 12 May 2013

Random acts of kindness and fixing

First the best bit: I won a giveaway! And not just any giveaway, this was from Jennifer at Glinda Quilts, who generously offered to make me one of her fabulous Pants Bags in the colour of my choice :-) I opted for purple, and she was super fast at getting it in the post.

Each side is different...

 And it scrunches up beautifully with the drawstring...

It's much too nice to use for laundry, and is currently hanging on the door to my sewing room, where it makes me smile when I see it! In addition though, being so excited about the bag, I had completely forgotten that the prize also included a fab bundle of fabric :-)

A wonderful addition to my modest fabric collection! Speaking of which, this afternoon I had a complete sort out of all my scraps, which are now colour coded neatly, ready for the challenge of making something to give away...

Ok, well there's a bit more to be done before I can see my sewing table! I've really enjoyed seeing the colour combinations people suggested in my last post, and if you haven't entered my 100th blog post giveaway, there's still time to do so here. I will pick a winner in the next week.

The end of last week was all about fixing things... first the car, when a mystery light came on. Then the brand new school shoes which the dog ate... thankfully the cobbler made a new leather strap and saved the day! Then of course, I made the cushion above, which doesn't match the sofa throw... another problem easily fixed by making a new quilt for the sofa ;-)

It's a work in progress, and may take a while. Technically Miss PR has banned me from any 'new' quilts until I've finished Insanity, which I started... let's say five years' ago.

I was so proud of Miss PR this week: they have been doing a big art project at school, using all the banners that were around town during the Olympics. An artist came in to school to work with them, showing how to recycle materials and create something new. Miss PR came home with her school bag full of scraps, very pleased with herself. I was a little concerned whether she was meant to take them, and questioned her about it. 'Oh, no, mummy, these were all in the bin! Can you believe it? People were just throwing these away, and I can make something out of them!'... That's my girl!!

Finally, a gratuitous photo of the puppy, who, despite eating the school shoes, still manages to look very cute! The woods are just full of bluebells, we had a glorious walk yesterday.
Have a great week!


  1. Que guapo está el cachorro, claro que según cuentas está haciendo de las suyas... es normal, menos mal que pudiste salvar los zapatos.
    Me he reído con el relato de Rosita... que graciosa, recogiendo las telitas en lugar de tirarlas para hacer algo con ellas.
    Estupendas tus combinaciones de telas, se ven muy bonitas. Enhorabuena por haber ganado el sorteo y si mejor que luzca la bolsa a diario que utilizarla para la lavadora.

  2. Great phots, Fran, I think you should photograph ALL my work - you're much better at it than I am! Glad you're thrilled. Love the latest WIP too :)

  3. Fantastic giveaway prizes. I love the picutre of the naughty shoe chewing puppy. It sounds like you have a very sensible daughter.

  4. Lucky you, fab prizes, i love a giveaway win, always brightens a day! :o)

  5. The giveaway wins look great. I have two Cavaliers a Blenheim and a Black and Tan who are 5 and 17 months they are real little characters but just like kids completely different personalities. Fortunately neither have ever been partial to a bit of shoe.