Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Lowering the volume

Hooray for just squeaking in with a finished quilt top before the end of January...

Apologies for the dark photos. The weather button seems to have been stuck on rain for weeks now, and the weather technicians are clearly failing to fix the fault. On brighter news though, following Julie's genius tip for sewing the 'wasted' corners together before trimming them, I ended up with lots of pinwheels...

Thirty two in fact, enough for two cushion covers, to go on the sofa with the quilt. They did need trimming, but it was definitely worth tidying them up.

Mary kindly offered to do a centre piece swap for our economy blocks. This really spurred me on, as it felt much more worth while cutting into new fat quarters to make a square for Mary and one for myself. Just as well, as fussy cutting takes forever! As I'm using 4 inch centres, I sent these to Mary, with a few extra charm squares:


In return, Mary sent me a fabulous selection, and amazingly we managed not to send each other any identical fabrics!

My economy blocks are on hold for the moment, while I finish a few other things. Economies are really fun, but lead to heaps of fabric being scattered all around the sewing room, which is not so helpful if other projects are also underway. However, these cushion covers are also now complete and pinned for quilting - 

I have also done my next strip for the sewing bee, and my goodness what a challenge that was! Amy's starter strip is stunning, and three more beautiful pieces had been added to it. Thankfully I had some appropriate fabrics, and went with a simple design which works well in the context of the whole quilt top so far.

Thank you for all the kind comments on my last post. We were really touched by people's sweetness, as well as all the lovely messages (and cake!) which came from our real life friends. Without the boss, these two are now learning to get along, which is great.


  1. Fran queda genial el quilt con las estrellas y esos tonos de telas tan bonitos y coordinados. Me encanta como aprovechas todos los restos, con los molinillos. Los triángulos combinados con la tela gris, funcionan genial. Ahora, que gato/perro se lleven así de bien es increíble. Que lindos que se les ve.

  2. Fran you are a whirlwind - these are looking amazing!

  3. Fran, there is so much beauty going on in your sewing room! Your low volume scrappy star quilt top is a show stopper, I just love it!

  4. You have so many wonderful projects going right now! The low volume stars look amazing!! Congrats on finishing the top. I love the idea of turning the scraps into pinwheels. They will make excellent cushion covers!

  5. I just love the mix of the low volume and the brights in the star quilt - it is stunning :-)

  6. Love your low volume. i'm itching to use my charm squares from the swap too.Haven't decided what to use them for yet. Looking forward to seeing the cushion quilted too.Your scraps all seem to co-ordinate so well - maybe I should colour control what i buy a bit more!

  7. The colours on the quilt top are just lovely together (the first one, the others are nice as well, but I especially like the greys and pinks) and I think your photos are great, aren't you just sick of the rain now? Time for a change in weather I (hope!) think. Bethx

  8. What a sweet photo! I find that cold weather brings my dog and cat together, that and competition to sit on my knee with a quilt