Thursday, 30 January 2014

Oops, she did it again...

A few weeks' ago, Miss PatchyRose dropped a hint that she would rather like a Pants Bag which looked like a strawberry... I joked about it to the Queen of Pants Bags, who promptly offered to make it :-) I'm fairly sure the offer was based on her amazing generosity, rather than the fear I would make a hash of her fabulous tutorial! In the end, I agreed, so long as it was a two-way swap, and we get to send something in return. Just look what arrived today...

It is absolutely a work of art, the photos don't do it justice! I'm not sure which Miss PR loved the most, the front or the back...

Even the inside and the channel for the pull cord reflect the outer fabrics, in reverse:

And here it is scrunched up...

I suspect mummy made items will lose their appeal now! Fortunately, to spur me on, I also received some cute fabrics in the post today from Catherine. She hasn't succumbed to economy fever, but I recently sent her some bits for another project, and she kindly reciprocated with some inspired choices for my economy centres:

In another few days I really hope to be able to get on with the economy blocks, without other projects being in the way. The fact that it rained all day yesterday, not stopping for a single second, was very productive on the sewing front! I managed to quilt both panels for cushions covers - 

And sew up the first set of pinwheels - 

The little nearly finished projects are that bit closer to being done! However, I now face the dilemma of what to send Glinda as a thank you - how on earth do you compete with a strawberry?!?


  1. Such a beautiful bag and your new goodies are gorgeous!

  2. Great bag and I absolutely love your half triangle cushion panel!!

  3. lovely goodies :-) I love that cupcake fabric - so fun!

  4. Inspiration for the weekend. I need some new cushions! Love the bag and fabric, especially the cupcake one!

  5. Bless you Fran - your pictures certainly do it justice and am cracking up at your text! No competition, remember :) thrilled she's thrilled - that's what it's all about x

  6. Love your half triangle pillow. The fabrics look great!

  7. Those half square triangles on grey look stunning, and Miss Patchy Rose is a lucky girl, the Pants Bag jen made is absolutely awesome. What will she manage to make next!!

  8. Preciosa la bolsa/fresa de Rosita... y tus trabajos avanzando... la lluvia es buena para quedarse en casa cosiendo.