Saturday, 8 February 2014

Liberty love...

This week, I've been experimenting with scraps...

It's a technique I spotted ages ago and, wanting to make something special for Jennifer as part of our gift exchange, gave me the perfect excuse!

 I do hope Jen likes this, I can see myself making more of them!

The interior gives a nice flash of bright pink :-) Jen has certainly kept me on my toes this week, as the next (and final) round of our Bee arrived. I am the sixth and last person to add a strip to Jen's quilt, and even Helpful Hubby looked at it and commented that it was perfectly balanced with the first five strips, and I had a problem on my hands! Although we have a few weeks to go, rather than worry about it, I got straight on. Miraculously, an orphan block in my drawer provided the inspiration, and I was able to finish it last night. 

That's the only glimpse for now, but I can show you what I made with the off cuts:

Thanks to Julie's tip, I don't think I will ever be able to discard cut off corners again! These squares are only one inch, so took a lot of patience, but there's another present made and ready.

There's also been an awful lot of fabric post arriving lately :-) I know I'm not the only one enjoying the lack of council tax this month, and making the most of the extra cash!  Last week, through a chance conversation at work, I was asked to make a pram quilt. Not just any pram though, this is a huge Mary Poppins type pram, absolutely beautiful. I've been playing with fabric, and made a start. However, not feeling this was quite right for the commission, I exchanged emails with Ali, who has a fabulous online shop stocking little pieces of Liberty. Her customer service is superb, and she put together a bespoke bundle of 10 different squares for me:

I have a specific plan for these, and can't wait to get started. However, I've been sharing my sewing space with Rosie this week... I was so fortunate in winning a giveaway, where Nadine kindly offered two winners a scrap bag each. I've sometimes wondered what it would be like to get a scrap bag... Well, I'm still wondering, because this one disappeared from under my nose the second it arrived! Rosie happened to be off school that day, and asked if she could open it while I was at work. By the time I got home, she had sorted everything in colour piles, and laid out some rainbow strips, which she stitched up before bed time:

Aren't they brilliant?!? I'm so proud of my girl :-) While I missed out there, Maria so kindly sent me some more centres for the economy blocks:

I keep hoping to get on with the blocks, but have made progress with other things. These cushions are now complete - 

Here's hoping for some Sunday sewing!


  1. Clever Rosie! I love what you have been doing with tiny triangles!

  2. Love all the pouches, and the cushions are gorgeous :-) Great work by Rosie too!

  3. Wow! I love everything you've made! Is the cushion background Kona Ash? The colours seem to pop on it so beautifully. Also I am very envious of how neatly you put the zippers in your pouches. Could you show me how you do it when we meet up? Pretty please?? I think Miss Patchy Rose is going to provide some serious competition for you. It won't just be the scraps she's commandeering soon!

  4. You have been a busy Bee, my friend! Like my pouch? No ... I LOVE it! Thank you sooooo much x

  5. Muy bonitos los estuches y estupendos los cojines.

  6. Great work. Those Liberty prints look ideal for the pram quilt.
    Jen's strip is looking great, I spy Joel Dewberry gabrics in there.

  7. Love the purses, l like the fabric covering the end of the zips, will have to give that a go. Great fabrics, looking forward to the reveal of both quilts!

  8. Hi Fran thanks for your comment/s!!!
    I have just written a post on liberty fabrics.
    Not yet published it, but would love your imput.
    ps. I love your dark pouch with the flashy interior, it totally makes it x