Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Mid-week fly-by...

Last time I mentioned buying fabric from America, one or two close bloggy friends queried the wisdom (and expense) of this. Just tonight, I've received my best ever parcel of fabricky goodness from the USA, so thought I'd share it all with you...

This is how it all arrived, in a plastic bag inside one of these:

This is what's known as a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope. Just one of those technical details that might help if you're confused about the shipping details! Actually, it always amazes me that the fabric gets here in one piece - these envelopes are not built for more than one use, and always arrive looking battered and a bit torn at the corners. The postage cost for this was $24.95, I actually bought a little more fabric than I intended, to go for optimum fabric for postage costs. (And thankfully I didn't incur a customs charge - that has only happened once, but it hurt!)

These are my thirteen half yards of pink, purple and grey. Bit of a theme going on?!? I absolutely love these, and will really enjoy using them. No idea how, but that will come. However, the real reason for the order, was a bit of this:

How incredibly cute are those cats?! Look again at the bottom left, with his fur on end :-) I really couldn't resist it. But even more than that, the one that clinched it was this - 

Don't think I've ever bought such a big, bold print! This one wasn't cheap, but after a few days of mulling it over, I just had to go for it. A yard and a half provides the perfect backing for my low volume star quilt...

Really can't wait to get that one quilted now. Just to sum up, and not that I want to lead anyone astray, this time around I purchased from Pink Castle Fabrics. My total quantity equaled 8.5 yards of fabric, and the spend was the equivalent of £67 including all shipping costs. Yes, it's a lot to spend in one go, but an awful lot of fabric for the money! Obviously I am not trying to put people off buying at home and, as with any mail order, you run the risk that the fabric doesn't look the same in real life as it did on the screen. But this may be helpful for a once in a while splurge...

Did someone mention new fabric?


  1. I can see why you couldn't stop thinking about that print. It is beautiful and will look amazing on the back of your quilt - will make it extra special. And those blue cats - I have some of that and I love it!

  2. Fran me gustan todas las telas menos una (la de los pájaros....) con los pájaros no puedo... el resto son preciosas y la de los gatos es una monada, esa enamora. Hasta a tu gato le gusta. Me encanta el detalle del gato asustado con el rabito en tensión.

  3. Wow, lovely fabrics. I'm lucky enough to be going to New York soon and visiting fabric shops is high on my to do list!! Looking forward to seeing what you make with this bundle of loveliness.

  4. I'm with you all the way. When I buy from the US I usually buy enough to fill that priority envelope, and it works out a lot cheaper than buying in the UK. There have been a few purchases I've regretted when the scale of the print was not what I expected, but that happens with ordering online in the UK too. I love your choices……definitely not a low volume for the next one!

  5. Dear Fran,
    your Starquilt is great!
    I like your new fabrics!
    liebe Grüße von johanna

  6. Wow what a stunning bundle - you are not helping my fabric fast, enjoy!

  7. Tu quilt y tus nuevas telas maravillosas y tu gato es precioso!

    Bsos y feliz semana.

  8. Love those colors! The cat fabric is simply sweet and I love your little kitty sitting on your new stash.

  9. Love your new fabrics! The cat fabric is so cute, and I really enjoyed seeing the picture of your sweet kitty sitting on your new stash.

  10. Beautiful choice! I agree with you that it's worth buying from America especially on large quantities.

  11. Beautiful fabrics Fran. I love the one choose for the backing of your low volume quilt. It is going to look fantastic. And the cat fabric is adorable so is your cat super cute guarding your new fabric.

  12. Oh this is too much ... I need to go shopping!!