Thursday, 15 May 2014

Pop Cats

Lately I've been on a mission, to complete all those unfinished projects... Thankfully the list is now down to a mere four: two quilt tops in progress, and two finished but waiting for quilting. My goal is really to bring it down to one project at a time, but I'm very happy to have made inroads! Let's be clear - we're not including the two cross-stitches begun ten years' ago when I was pregnant, or any other knitting or crochet item languishing in the cupboard ;-)

Thank you for the lovely comments about this sweet blue cat fabric! After making the little bag in my last post, I decided to use up the scraps which had been generated. Yes, I celebrated the reduction in my unfinished projects by starting and finishing a new one...

I've wanted to try quilting as you go for ages... And still want to! Although that was my plan for this cushion, once I started pulling out scraps I couldn't help but want to sew them together first. So, I ended up with a large piece of patchwork, which I then quilted. What was new to me, was using this very thick thread, which creates an effect almost like handstitching. I quilted densely, leaving the cats free to pop out. This resulted in a very firm cushion cover.

As you might guess, it has found favour already!

Next up, I was asked to make a laptop cover, for a small computer. The recipient likes purple, and I already had this perfect choice:

 The lining is a dark purple, strengthened with interlining.

Can't wait to give it to the new owner, but please keep your fingers crossed...  A laptop cover needs to be a fairly snug fit, but I only had the online measurements to go by! I've tried testing it with books of the same dimensions, but will find out this week if I need to make a bigger version!

Lastly, one of the items to be crossed off the unfinished list was this creation by Miss PatchyRose. You may remember, ages ago I won a bag of scraps. My daughter was home from school that day, while I had to go to work. By the time I returned, she had sorted the scraps and made several rainbow strips...

This week we finally got round to quilting them, and adding the binding. I love the details of some of the pieces she chose! 

She was determined to make this as a table runner, and it now sits proudly on the dining table, under a lovely pottery plate which she bought from a craft fair. She certainly has good taste :-)

A funny thing happened to me this week... I commented on a blog post, rushing to get on to the next one. As it posted, up came a message on screen:

Slow down! You are posting too fast.

Crikey!! So true... If, like me, you need to keep things in balance, why not join the slow blogger movement? Have a great weekend, enjoy the heatwave if you're in the UK!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Friday finish...

Hooray for a finished triangle quilt! Time consuming, and demanding of concentration, but worth it!

The backing was a luxury... Such a gorgeous hot air balloon fabric, perfect for sweet dreams at bedtime. It was just inches short, but a half yard of hot pink filled the gaps and bound the edges :-) I wasn't sure about it for the binding at first, but actually like the sharpness it brings.

It coordinates perfectly with the curtains in Miss PatchyRose's bedroom, and will be nice and cosy for reading...

Although the Teds seem to have other ideas!

Have a great weekend.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Bags of fun!

What a great bank holiday weekend! Not exactly a scorcher, but we did enjoy a neighbourhood coffee morning outside today, and plenty of gardening and outdoor work. We have managed quality time with family and friends, as well as being given another sewing commission. In between, some intense bag making... 

This one is intended as a thank you for a very generous gift I received recently.

The gift giver is a very talented seamstress, so I had to think carefully, and focus on special fabric rather than on what I did with it! I've been hoarding this half yard piece of cat fabric for a while, it is such a fabulous design...

I do hope she will like this! I call these 'door handle bags' after a long weekend when I had to sleep on a top bunk bed, with nowhere to put my glasses, phone, torch and so on... Little bags like these, with one handle, hook nicely over a door handle, bed post, or whatever is available!

This one will be a birthday present for another little friend, who happens to like butterflies... 


Following the small blue tote bag in my last post, we received the loveliest thank you letter from the recipient. Having cut too many squares at the time, there were enough left over for one more zipped up pouch:

Hopefully this one will go down well too...

Hope you've had a great weekend, especially those in the UK with our extra day off :-)