Monday, 25 August 2014

Feeling blue...

Some time ago, I decided I really needed to branch out more with my colour palette, specifically aiming to use more blues, rather than my usual pink, purple and grey combination...

I ordered a FQ pack of the new Hadley range, in blues, by Denise Schmidt. Not for the first time, I like her fabrics better online than I do in my sewing room! I'd ordered the solid turquoise at the same time, as the shop's suggested coordinate, but really it is too strong for me, and I would have been better with a subtler solid.

I also blended in several low volume prints, which I'd been collecting lately. These certainly help to tone things down!

As simple, therapeutic sewing, this wasn't a bad project, but I can't say I love the result. My plan is to go ahead and quilt this, and add it to my shop or next craft fair stall. It is far more masculine that any of my other quilts, and may appeal to someone who favours different colours to myself!

Just as well I took the photos when I did - we are enduring the traditional Bank Holiday downpour today... Hope you are having a fun long weekend!

Saturday, 16 August 2014


Finally got there :-) A quilt and a cushion all made from the rainbow charm swap I did over a year ago... My daughter made the large cushion as a present for me, piecing and quilting it herself. Although I finished the quilt top some months' ago, I've only just quilted and bound it, so a very satisfying finish to link up with the slow bloggers.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


A huge thank you to Jenna, my partner in the Big Stitch Swap. This week I received an amazing parcel from her...

Our swap was all about incorporating handstitching, or hand quilting into an item... I am so fortunate in having Jenna as my secret partner, as she sussed me out totally! Not only did she make this gorgeous handbag, but the smaller zipped pouch to go inside it :-)

Jenna couldn't have known, but the fabric she used on the inside was one of my first ever favourite fabrics, when I started patchwork. I still love it, and have used dots in many items, but mostly all given away! Needless to say, Miss PatchyRose tried to get her mitts on this straightaway, but I fought her off. 

Meanwhile my recipient, KraftyKat, has just received her item from me, so I can show you the whole cushion cover...

Kat's collage was an intriguing one, which immediately made me think of these cushion covers which I've made before. The difference this time, was including the hand quilting and stitching.  Kat has six kids (!) so I wanted to make something robust, just for her, feminine and yet not too girlie. The end result was hard to photograph, too light and the embroidery disappears, especially the seed heads and their flyaway seeds... Too dark, and the other fabrics look grubby. Still, you get the idea!

The small one was complaining recently that she didn't have a special cushion on the sofa, which was easily rectified with this free tutorial from Lori Holt:

It was a painless project for the warm summer evenings, and a great use of scraps. The backing is a special piece which the girl picked out for herself when we were last in a fabric shop - 

And the little cut off corners were saved, stitched before trimming, and used to make this 5" mug mat - 

This was my first attempt at a mug mat, and I am very pleasantly surprised by how well it turned out! After our wonderful, long heatwave, the evenings are getting a little cooler, so the quilts may reappear soon... Hope you are having a fabulous August!