Sunday, 25 January 2015


... has increased dramatically this month!

First to be finished, was this simple scarf for Rosie. Made with just one ball of variegated wool, it took a mere 18 months to complete ;-) Knitting is not my forte, and it began as a holiday project... Thankfully it has been worn every day this week, and much admired!

My cat quilt, using the Plus design, also reached completion! It measures 60 square inches, and was quite a challenge to quilt on my small domestic machine. I got there in the end, backing it with the adorable Windy Day fabric, for those who like to mix up their puppies and cats on the same quilt...


I'm thrilled to have finished this one, and am now down to one top waiting to be quilted, and one unfinished top - not a bad waiting list!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

In the pink!

After the craziness of December, I am totally loving January, and the opportunity it brings to hibernate peacefully and hide away in my sewing room... It's been a very pink month so far, as Rosie wanted one of the Scottie dogs, just like the blue one we gave my godson. They are such a great project, and a very satisfying use of scraps. 

A good friend came round and spotted the cushions I'd made Rosie for Christmas. She liked them so much that she commissioned one for her daughter's birthday, only a little smaller...

Hopefully this will fit the brief, otherwise it will join the original two on the bed!

Lastly, I have wanted for ages to make something with flying geese. I'd seen a no-waste method, but opted for using up scraps for now. I still went for no waste, as the tiny corners were also put to good use...


In the end, to be completely honest, I found making the geese really boring and was thankful I'd only ever set out to do a wall hanging! On reflection, and having looked a bit more at what other people have done, I think flying geese work best in groups of identical ones. I'm not sure the four different sections here, flipping low volume with strong colours, and changing direction, really stand out. However, it is happily in place outside the sewing room:

 Yes, my sewing room even comes with a guard dog ;-) Hope you are having a happy and peaceful start to the new year.