Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Wales :-)

Last week was half term, so Rosie and I went off to Wales for three days. One of my special blog friends, Jennifer, moved to a beautiful long barn there last year. After a few months of renovations, it is beyond perfect - a wonderful retreat! We sewed, we lazed in front of log fires, watched films, ate and drank too much, and were generally spoilt rotten :-) 

Rosie bonded with Auntie Glinda in a nano second, and immediately they set to work making one of the famous pants bags to be used for Rosie's PE kit. The Scottie dog was our gift to Jennifer, and it now stands guard in her gorgeous sewing room. Last summer, Jen had donated a complete quilt kit to Rosie - even before meeting her - and Rosie just had the binding left to finish. She was thrilled to come away from her first sewing retreat with a completed quilt, PE bag, and endless gifts.

Scottie dogs have been my theme of the month, and I've just completed this latest one, a commission from a friend. I just may be almost at the end of my Insanity Quilt too, which has been a mere eight years in the making...