Friday, 3 April 2015

Gift giving

Thank you so much for all the kind comments about Mount Rose :-) Rosie was thrilled to read your encouragement, and enjoyed feeling part of the blogging community. Her teacher was so supportive and impressed that she sent Rosie off to show the quilt to the head teacher! She's been very fortunate to be in such a nurturing environment.

My own sewing lately has been all about gifts... I've now made three mug rugs, following Julie's great tutorial. One has already been received, although the recipient refuses to put her mug on it and plans to hang it on the wall instead ;-)

I've only made one of these cosmetic bags before, using Liberty scraps. I still keep all my Liberty separate to other fabrics and store even the tiniest bits! This design is time consuming, but well worth it when I want something a bit special.

Lastly, a teenage friend donated a generous bag of clothing to Rosie, including several lovely coats. We felt it deserved a little thank you... Rachel's room was recently decorated in green and cream, so we made her a little bag to match. With the long handle, she can hook it over a door handle.

 I really can't believe it's April already - this term has flown by, and been incredibly busy. Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Easter.


  1. I love the mug rugs - what great gifts :-)

  2. So much prettiness here. These lovely makes are sure to please. :-)

  3. Your work is always so pretty! Thrilled at Rosie's recognition! Loving your photography - you've made that last bag look ginormous ;)

  4. Only just caught up with both the latest two blogs and we were both sooooooo impressed, Rosie, with your lovely quilt. What an amazing grand daughter you are, doing lovely quilting so well, like your mum! Lots of love Granny and Addy xx

  5. The mug rugs are sooooo cute! And those bags are certainly sweet, as well. What fine gifts they have all made. How generous of you to share your talent with so many!

  6. Son unos regalos muy bonitos y muchas felicidades a Rosie,su quilt es espectacular y las telas exquisitas!

    Bsos y feliz fin de semana.