Monday, 22 June 2015

Happy little projects :-)

My recent sewing hasn't been speedy or prolific, but it has been really enjoyable! The top for my hand stitched mini was finally done... I started this without a fixed plan, and changed my mind several times during the process. I considered shaped edges, decided against it, but wanted as little wastage as possible when trimming the sides. This final layout made me happy!

I quilted it first, going just inside each hexagon. That way, for all except the centre piece, there were no knots to bury, as I started and finished at the edge ;-) However, for that one centre section, I decided to search up how to bury knots when machine stitching - and it was the easiest thing in the world! I'm now so frustrated as not having learnt this earlier... 

I'm so pleased with the finished quilt - and it comes in at just the right size for this swap. Not long to go, and it will be winging its way around the world, to my secret swap partner! It won't be the wackiest quilt in the swap, or have the most fashionable fabrics. However,  it's very 'me' and is a piece I have worked hard at. In fact, I will be so sad to send it away, that I've already started another one...

Unusually for me, I cut all the fabric first, then basted every piece before matching them into units. Doing a project for the second time is certainly a lot faster! This is a great use of scraps, too.

Rosie just had her birthday this month. At first, I wasn't going to make her anything, as she already has several versions of everything in my repertoire! However, an 11th birthday did seem kind of soon to give up on home made gifts. With just a couple of days to go, I whipped up a little cat cushion.

Just to prove I don't just do straight line quilting, I can even straight line quilt around a shape, giving it some definition ;-) Thankfully, Rosie was happy with the new addition to the sofa.

As we both liked this style, I've started on another one. The little boy next door recently turned five, and we gave him one of my patchwork Scottie dogs. When his mum tucked him into bed, he told her that the dog was the very best thing about his entire birthday! With his little sister about to turn three, I felt under pressure to get the same reaction, so hopefully this will be finished in time...


  1. How sweet Fran!! I am happy you are making another hexagon mini for turned out soooo pretty! And fwiw, I'm a "straight-liner" too :)

  2. Ohh, someone is going to be so delighted with this! The cat is also adorable and that little boy sounds like a real cutie xx

  3. They're both beautiful projects! A really adorable mini, your hexagon quilting looks perfect (every now and then I try some non straight quilting and it never works very well!) and personally I think that's what a swap should be - to send something that's very you. And I love the cat cushions too, great choice of fabrics for them, hope you get as good a reaction as for the Scottie one.

  4. Very pretty patchwork in this post, especially the cat! Hope it has gone down well as a gift (I feel sure it must have). Bethx

    1. Thanks, Beth. Yes, the little girl loved her cat cushion thankfully!