Monday, 26 October 2015

Checking in

Life has been a roller-coaster of late, but here are a few of the better bits...

Is it just me that loves the inside of bags almost as much as the outside?!? This one is for a beautiful girl who danced as a frog in a recent ballet production.

Her sister, who is sharing the birthday party, suggested silver and blue as her favourite colours. Hopefully this will make her happy :-)

It's been a busy week, but a good little production line of bags to show at the end of it!

The latest round of artist trading cards saw me receiving this beautiful rainbow. It couldn't be more apt and I love seeing it on my little shelf.

It was really exciting to start the next round of our sewing bee! Last time we added a strip across the width of the quilt, this time we are doing sections, following a pattern designed for us. My first attempt at my main starter block didn't turn out quite as I'd hoped, but became the lovely cushion above ;-)

Thankfully, my next go was much better. I still used a selection of Cotton + Steel fabrics, but with a more suitable blender. This section heads off to Julie later this week, where she will create and add a new piece, before sending it on to the next person.

While I'm waiting for the bee section which is heading my way, I will carry on with my beautiful Liberty half square triangles. I'm about a quarter of the way through this colourful quilt top.

So, every roller-coaster has some high points and what a great hobby we have for creating them! Hope you are having a lovely Autumn and enjoying the stunning colours out there.


  1. Hola Fran, me alegro de ver que publicas, me gustan mucho esas lindas bolsas, estoy de acuerdo, el interior de ellas también cuenta y mucho. Ese cojín luce estupendo.
    Espero ver el resultado de tus telitas liberty.
    Muchos besos para Rosita y para ti.

  2. These are lovely makes Fran, I love the cushion cover and am intrigued as to why it wasn't what you hoped. The rain is lashing down here - not my idea of a nice autumn!

  3. High spots indeed! Gorgeous bags with wonderful fabric combos! Your bee is awesome...and the anticipation must be such fun! And Liberty HSTs? Swoon overload!!! What a happy sewing place you are in !!!!!

  4. Love it all! Those pouches are just divine and your Bee block is special. Yay for your finishes :)

  5. Hi. I mentioned your blog in my recent post about quilting. You will see that deep-down, a little corner of me is a closet potential quilter!